About The Institute

Natarang School of Dance was born as an institution on the day of Guru Poornima on July 31st 2015 and has been evolving since then, carrying forward strongly the moto of “Yoga Mukhena Nrityam”, meaning Spiritual Awakening through Dance.

The Founder and Artistic Director Ms. Preeti, aims at not just training young children in the divine art of Bharatanatyam, but also at invoking in the young generations, the dedication and love for the art form, commitment to the country, its tradition and culture, and also devotion and surrender to the almighty with the belief that:

Divinity is not only in God, but Divinity is within You.

As Michelangelo has rightly said: “The true work of Art is but a shadow of the Divine Perfection”.

She believes: "Beauty is not with one’s external looks, but the real beauty of a human being is seen only through his character."

“Beauty attracts the Attention, but Personality captures the Heart”.

The Guru, Kum. Preeti is a Masters graduate in Performing Arts from Christ University, Bangalore. She is also a certified Yoga Instructor from a1000 Yoga Academy. Preeti has performed in various state and national level prestigious platforms, some of which include the Brihadeeshwara Natyanjali at Thanjavur, Karur Natyanjali, etc. Preeti and her institute Natarang School of Dance are both certified members of the International Council for Dance, UNESCO France, and she is also a member of the National Classical Dance Academy and the Karnataka Nrityakala Parishad.

Through the institute, students have had the opportunity to showcase their talents during the Bala Pratibha Utsav and various interschool competitions and have won laurels in every field, be it Art, Music, Dance, Debate, Shloka recitation, etc. The institute also provides a platform for the students to enhance their performance skills, and gives the audience a flavour of different genres of Dance other than Bharatanatyam, like – Bollywood, Semi Classical, Contemporary, Folk, etc, during Nrityaavishkaar – The Annual Celebration of the Institution. The Senior students of the institute have also participated at the Shivaratri Festival held at Hassan in 2018, by the National Classical Dance Academy, Dance Festival at the Jaganmohan Palace, Mysore, Abuji Baba Auditorium, Ooty, Mahathi Auditorium, Tirupathi in 2018 organised by NCDA, Dasami Festival at the Odukathur Mutt Bangalore, All India Classical Dance Festival at Sri Thyagaraja Gana Sabha at Hyderabad, All India Classical Dance Festival at Central West Library Auditorium Bangalore, and many more.

The students who have appeared for the Bharatanatyam examinations through the Bangiya Sangeeth Parishad board of Kolkata, have all been promoted with First class and Distinctions. The senior students of the institution have won various National Awards such as the National Govindamrutha Award at the All India Classical Dance Festival Tirupathi, National Excellent Dancer Award at Mysore, Best Talent Dancer Award at Ooty, National Natyasri Award at the All India Classical Dance Festival Hyderabad, etc.

The institute, and the Guru along with the support of her parents and well-wishers, all the students and their parents, aim to work at building Quality through Performance and Personality.